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Thoughtful Exit Planning

Eliminate the Overwhelm of Doing What You Know You Need to Do to Plan for Your Family’s Ease


A hands-on workshop in eight Zoom sessions with Sue Mackey

 Live Zoom Format
Saturday mornings, 10:00-12:00 MST
8 Weeks
Oct. 15-Dec. 3 (No class Nov. 26th or Dec. 10) + Dec. 17

We all know we need to prepare the inevitable. And yet, we don't. 


Just the thought of providing guidance to our families around our wishes for medical treatment and end-of-life can seem scary, confusing, even overwhelming. It doesn't have to be.


I invite you to take the first step toward doing what you know you need to do.


Join me, Sue Mackey, for Thoughtful Exit Planning, a special, eight-week,  hands-on workshop series to help you navigate your options thoughtfully and deliberately.


Together, following a simple, step-by-step approach, you'll create an “Exit File™” that reflects your desires, values and your budget, and assures that your loved ones won’t be burdened with difficult decisions at a time when they may be least able to make them.

Session Content 


Give yourself and your family peace of mind by providing a map for them of your documents and wishes in the event of you not being able to speak for yourself.​

Session 1- Oct. 15th: 

What Documentation to Include in Your Exit File™


We will go through the Exit File™ binder that makes it manageable to “fill in the blanks” and know that you have all your bases covered. All of the possible documentation is addressed that will ultimately be a gift to your medical and financial powers of attorney and personal representative (executor).


Session 2:- Oct. 22th:

Discerning Your Personal Values and Beliefs; Choosing Your Person to Speak for You When You Can’t

  • The key to being able to voice your choice at the end of life is first knowing what your values and beliefs are. Through the use of different assessment tools and conversation, we will discern what is important in death, (and thus in life!). We will also consider our emotional and spiritual legacy.

  • We will discuss how to choose your MDPOA, the most important decision you will make regarding your end-of-life wishes. Spoiler: It may not be your spouse or eldest child.

Session 3: Oct. 29th: 

CPR -A Lifeline or a Curse? / Understanding the MOST Form /Hospice -What You Need to Know  / The Potential Pitfalls of a Living Will / Do You Need a Shovel Buddy?

  • We will discuss when it is appropriate to have a CPR Directive based upon statistics around survival to an acceptable quality of life.  

  • As a signed doctor’s order, The MOST form can be an incredibly useful tool for getting your wishes met.

  • The potential pitfalls of an improperly written Living Will.

  • When is it appropriate to enroll in hospice, and what services do they provide?

  • Aren’t you dying to know what a shovel buddy is and why you might need one?

Session 4:- Nov. 5th:

Exit Ramps / Dementia Directives --Addressing Our Greatest Fear at the End of Life


  • The number one question that arises during these classes is “What are my options for getting out of here if I decide that I’m done?”  We’ll discuss the Medical Aid in Dying law, VSED (Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking), and more underground options for exiting one’s earthly body.

  • The standard Living Will only comes in to play in very limited circumstances and does not address the stronger likelihood of our biggest fear, living with advanced dementia. Thus, including a specific dementia directive will give guidance to your caregivers. We will explore several different options for inclusion in your advance directives.

Session 5: Nov. 12th:

Your Personal Statement -Voicing Your Choices When You Are Unable / Organ and Body Donation / Writing a Love Letter

  • Your wishes for your treatment at the end-of-life will hold much more weight if they are relayed in your own words in a Personal Statement, rather than as initials on a form written in legalese.  We will utilize a template that I developed as a thought-jogger in order to address the many aspects of end-of-life treatment, such as definition of quality of life, dementia, aggressive treatments, financial considerations, hospice preferences, etc.

  • We will consider the often-confusing options of live organ donation for transplant and whole body and organ donation for research-both extraordinary final gifts.


Session 6: Nov. 19th:

Body Disposition Options Beyond “Burial or Cremation” Including Water Cremation and Composting / Green burials


There are a myriad of options for body disposition to consider beyond conventional burial and cremation, including water (flameless) cremation and composting. Green (or green-ish) burial is an option to consider if you would like your final footprint on the planet to be a light  one.

NO CLASS NOV. 26 or Nov. 28th (Thanksgiving weekend)

Session 7: Dec. 3rd:

Making your Funeral and Memorial Arrangements


It has been proven that families way over-spend when they have to make funeral arrangements for a loved one while still in shock and deep grief. And if they don’t know what you would have wanted, they are left to guess. So we will walk through the process “up-stream” as a gift to your family. Receive the tools to be a well-informed funeral consumer.


Session 8: Dec. 17th:

Accountability and Review Meeting

As it takes time to process all of this information and to compile the documentation necessary to complete your Exit File, this class is set a couple of weeks after we've gone through the education process. I've found that questions will arise and that it is helpful to have a "by-when" date to target for completion of your goals. This class will be all about you and your needs for support to finalize your documents. I'm also available to you by email or phone in between all classes and after the workshop is over.


Where:  On Zoom!


$40/Session if you pay as you go; Discounted to $280 for all 8 sessions

plus required $65 materials fee for indexed Exit File™ step-by-step binder


Please Register below by Oct. 7


Contact Sue Mackey at or 720-884-6878

(Min. Class size of 6/ Max of 20)

And, as always, if you would like one-to-one support in addressing your end-of-life preparations, please reach out to me directly. I'll be happy to work with you using Zoom or in person.



$280 Full Series - Eight Sessions 

$40 per session if paid for individually


$65 Materials Fee (required)

Includes indexed Exit File™ step-by-step binder 

The Exit File can be picked up at my home in Lafayette or shipped to you for USPS shipping costs.


FULL SErIES +Exit File


$280 Registration + 

$65 Exit File binder

a $40 Savings

Reserve Your Place for the Entire Series

+Exit File


$40 Registration + 

$65 Exit File binder.

Contact me directly to let me know which class you are wanting to attend.



$40 registration only.. Contact me directly to let me know which class you are wanting to attend.

couples discount for two members of one household
Shipping of Exit File out of the boulder/denver area
Shipping costs vary to different states. I will send you a separate invoice for shipping if you are unable to pick up your Exit File in Lafayette


20% discount of total price for two Full Series and two Exit File binders for two members of one household




 Questions? Prefer to RSVP Offline? or register for select classes?

Contact Sue at or 720-884-6878