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I serve as Board President of the Funeral Consumer Society of Colorado. Funeral Consumer Society of Colorado is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit educational organization dedicated to protecting consumers’ rights to choose meaningful, dignified, affordable funerals. Although their personal advice and educational materials are free to all, your membership and donations support our work monitoring state and federal legislation and educating families in consumer rights and funeral information. Join nearly 400,000 others nationwide in protecting funeral consumer rights.



“It is with pleasure that I introduce a new company I am partnering with: Life Works Academy. 


Life Works Academy offers unique educational courses that delve into important topics not widely known, ignored, or that go unchallenged. Courses such as A Year to Live... a Sacred Journey into Life and Death, and Inspired Aging... Take Control of the Trajectory of Your Life as You Grow Older.  They offer change that will come in surprising and freeing ways delivered with kindness, curiosity, flexibility, and play for your new lightened and meaningful life. As an Aunt and Niece team, they combined their passions and unique gifts to deliver life-giving programs benefiting those who come to play with us.  They know, in turn, those individuals will go out and add great value to the world we all share. 
Chris Lucerne resides in San Antonio, Texas.  She has dedicated her life to supporting people to embrace their true worth, know how to live from their most resourceful self, and create lives filled with vibrance and peace. For over three decades, she has contributed to the human development field of professional life coaching, executive coaching, and creating and facilitating workshops.
She enjoys cooking and entertaining, being with family and friends, yoga, all kinds of personal and spiritual growth endeavors, and listening to audio books related to personal/spiritual development, fiction, biographies, and politics.
She is a Master Certified Coach (International Coach Federation); Conscious Living Coach (the Hendricks Institute); Certified Strengths Coach (Gallup); and a host of other certifications. Read more about Chris.  
Cera Meintzer is a Colorado native and currently lives in Arvada, CO. Her life’s passion is empowering individuals’ health and healing through natural wellness. As a gerontologist, personal trainer, fitness and meditation instructor, and former massage therapist, she has dedicated her time to educating, consulting, and coaching older people in the realm of wellness and healthy longevity.
She enjoys dancing, soaking in hot springs, throwing pottery and being with family including her three children.
She has a Master’s of Science in Gerontology (University of Southern California); A Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology (University of Northern Colorado); and a Coaching Certification from The Mindfulness Coaching School (Santa Fe, NM). Read more about Cera 

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