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            Back by Popular Demand --Resources for Solo Agers 

  • How can I plan my end-of-life logistics?

  • Who can help me with my finances when that becomes a challenge for me?

  • How do I assign beneficiaries and direct assets in the simplest way?

  • How can I plan ahead for my body disposition and memorial?

  • Do I have to do estate planning if I don’t have an “estate”? What is probate?

  • What does an executor do?

           Our panel of experts will offer options and creative solutions.

  • Jessica Creevy, Estate Planning Attorney with Hassan + Cables

  • Stephanie Brennan, Public Administrator

  • Krista Garcia, Probate Registrar for Boulder County District Probate Court

  • Sue Mackey, Out of the Box End-of-Life Planning

  • Dinah Pollard, Resource Coordinator, Lafayette Senior Services


 September 27th, 1:00-3:00 p.m.

Lafayette Public Library, 775 W. Baseline Rd., Lafayette


 FREE TO ATTEND - Advance Registration Recommended

Call Lafayette Senior Services at 303-661-1492



         Co Sponsored by:

          Out of the Box End-of-Life Planning | Lafayette Senior Services | Lafayette Public Library

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Are you a senior, "aging solo", with questions about how to plan for your later years without the support of close family?

Previous Events

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Thoughtful Exit Planning for Elder Orphans

Aging solo presents many of the same concerns as the the aging population at large, plus special nuances and considerations unique to your situation. Let’s explore options for proactively creating support for your aging process.


During these sessions you will develop the confidence to make educated decisions, expand your resources and network with others who share similar concerns. 

In these Two Sessions on End-of-Life Planning we’ll explore:


  • Creation of your “micro board” of advisors

  • Choosing your Health Care Agent when it feels like you have few options 

  • Creation of clear Medical Directives to guide your chosen decision maker

  • Positioning yourself today for more ease in your later years

  • Compilation of other documents that will be helpful for your team

Give yourself the priceless gift of peace of mind by being proactive about your future.

Sunday, March 24 and Sunday March 31 

1:30-4:30 p.m. 

Lafayette Public Library

Lower Level Conference Room

775 W. Baseline Road, Lafayette, CO 

 Questions? Contact Sue at or 720-884-6878

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Elder Orphans

Who will take care of things  when I can't?

Are you a senior, "aging solo", with no immediate family to rely on for assistance as you age?

Nationwide statistics show that 22% of individuals age 65+ are aging without the support of children or family to help with aging challenges. Anecdotal evidence suggests that number could be even higher in Boulder County.

 Solo agers consistently come to end-of-life planning events in Boulder County asking


  • Who will help me with day-to-day activities that I might need help with as I age?

  • Who can I assign as medical and general powers of attorney and executor (person representative) to make decisions for me when I am unable?

  • Who will manage what happens to my body after my death?

  • What will happen to all my stuff?


Our panel of experts will offer options and creative solutions to these dilemmas 



  • S. Kay Jones and Nichola James, Advocate Care Services

  • Rod Felzien, Estate Planning and Elder-Law Attorney

  • Sue Mackey, Out of the Box End-of-Life Planning

  • Dinah Pollard, Resource Coordinator, Lafayette Senior Services

  • Constance Holden, RN, MSN, Director of The Conversation Project in Boulder County


Co Sponsored by:

Lafayette Public Library | Lafayette Senior Services | Out of the Box End-of-Life Planning | The Conversation Project


 March 8, 2019 

1:00-3:00 p.m.


Lafayette Public Library

Lower Level Conference Room

775 W. Baseline Road, Lafayette, CO



 FREE TO ATTEND - Advance Registration Recommended

Call Lafayette Senior Services at 303-661-1492

​​ ​

A Step-by-Step Approach to Creating Your Exit File™
A hands-on workshop in six sessions with Sue Mackey

October 15- November 26   1:00 – 3:30 pm 

(no class Nov. 12)


Lafayette Public Library

Thoughtful Exit Planning   

Session Content 

October 15

Over View of Your Exit File™, and Choosing Your Person

Give yourself and your family peace of mind by providing a map for them of your documents and wishes in the event of you not being able to speak for yourself. We will go through the Exit File™ binder I have developed that makes it doable to “fill in the blanks” and know that you have all your bases covered. We will also discuss how to choose your Medical Durable Power of Attorney, the most important decision you will make regarding your end-of-life wishes


October 22

Discerning your Personal Values and Beliefs and Considering your Legacy

The key to being able to voice your choice at the end of life is first knowing what your values and beliefs are. Using different assessment tools and conversation we will discern what is important in death, (and thus in life!). We will also consider our emotional and spiritual legacy.


October 29

Living Will, Dementia Directives, CPR Directives and MOST forms

The standard Living Will only comes in to play in very limited circumstances, and does not address our stronger likelihood of our biggest fear, living with advanced disability or dementia.  We will consider different ways to access an “exit ramp” if you find yourself not living with what you define as quality of life. We will also discuss the specific use of the CPR Directive and the MOST Forms.


November 5

Writing your Personal Statement in order to Communicate your Wishes for  Treatment at the End-of-Life —

A Critical Piece of your Medical Directives

Your wishes for your treatment at the end-of-life will hold much more weight if they are relayed in your own words, rather than initials on a form. We will utilize a template that I developed as a thought-jogger in order to address the many aspects of end-of-life treatment, such as definition of quality of life, dementia, aggressive treatments, financial considerations, hospice preferences, etc.





  Green Burials and Organ & Body Donations

There are options for body disposition beyond conventional burial and cremation, including green burial and flameless cremation.  We will also explore the often-confusing options of live organ donation for transplant and whole body donation.




 Making your Funeral and Memorial Arrangements

It has been proven that families often over-spend when they have to make funeral arrangements for a loved one while still in shock and deep grief. And if they don’t know what you would have wanted, they are left to guess. So we will walk through the process “up-stream” as a gift to your family. You may even be inspired to write your own obituary!


Organ Donation    

Save a Life or Support Research
An informational panel moderated by Sue Mackey

September 6, 2018   6:00 pm 


Lafayette Public Library

Lower Level Conference Room

775 W. Baseline Road, Lafayette, CO

Hosted by Lafayette Public Library & Senior Services

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