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My Intent for Out of the Box Funeral Planning

Last year, when I launched Out of the Box Funeral Planning (I hope you caught the double entendre and are chuckling), I committed myself to offering education around the myriad of options available for funeral planning, support for families to not overspend, and guidance for completing comprehensive medical advance directives that cover much more than the standard documents. And I am carrying those intentions forward into 2015 and beyond.

As you formulate your own New Year's intentions for 2015, I invite you to consider giving your loved ones the gift of knowing what your desires are for your end of life.

Even if you don't get anything in writing, talk with your family so that they hear directly from you what's important. Just talking about what you need, and what you want is a terrific first step. And these sorts of conversations almost always increase our intimacy with others.

It can be a tough conversation, sure, but one your family will appreciate in the long run. Think about it: they won't be left to second-guess what you mighthave wanted in a medical crisis or as a memorialization of your life. And imagine the peace of mind that you - and they - will have when the time comes.

Make it your intention to have that conversation the next time you are with those who will be left to make decisions for you when you aren't able.

Looking Ahead

Future blog posts will cover lots of topics around the subject, in a simple, straightforward and approachable manner. I hope to share some thought-provoking news stories, articles and even some inspiration.

My sincere hope is to be a catalyst in the culture change from death denying to death as a potent part of life, and the peace of mind that comes from that shift.

Wishing you a healthy and enriching 2015!

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